Dee Raef, C.O.R.T.

Patient Care Coordinator

Dee Raef, C.O.R.T.

Dee joined the staff of Stanley W. Jacobs, M.D., Inc. as a part-time operating room scrub nurse in 1996. She worked as an independent contractor providing O.R. nursing services to several plastic surgeons in Sonoma County when she first joined Dr. Jacobs. Dee has a varied history in the medical field and has been working in the O.R. for more than 35 years.

After working with Dr. Jacobs in the O.R. for more than 10 years, Dee was asked to join his staff full time in 2006. As a full-time medical staff member, Dee provides our patients with pre-op and post-op services. She assists Dr. Jacobs with his scientific research. Dee also provides skin care services, such as DermaSweep M.D. and is able to guide our patients regarding the best skin products for their particular skin types.

Dee lives in Sonoma County. She enjoys spending time with her grown children and other family and friends. Dee is an animal lover and lives happily with her dog and cat.

Dr. Stanley Jacobs believes in hiring the best to provide the best results for his plastic surgery patients. Call his Healdsburg office at 707.473.0220 or the San Francisco office at 415.433.0303 to learn more about Dee Raef, C.O.R.T., or any other member of the team.