Plastic Surgery Imaging

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What a difference even a slight alteration can make for someone who wants a more rejuvenated appearance! From a nose-straightening rhinoplasty to a subtle MiniLift for the face, cosmetic surgery can help a person to appear more balanced, proportionate, and even younger. But how do you know what procedure would best deliver the results you're looking for? And once selected, how can you be sure that your plastic surgery of choice will do what it's intended to do?

Dr. Stanley Jacobs has been helping patients figure out their ideal plastic surgery, as well as feel confident with their decision, by offering computer imaging since 1989. For decades, he has made a point of working with advanced technology to capture photos of his patients, which he then alters to reveal what the results of suggested procedures could look like in the real world.

Learn more about the computer imaging Dr. Stanley Jacobs offers to his patients seeking plastic surgery. San Francisco Bay Area residents can reach his San Francisco office at 415.433.0303 or his Healdsburg office at (707) 473-0220.

The power of imaging

Computer imaging can literally change how you see yourself.

Of course, any visual representation of the plastic surgery being considered can help. Dr. Jacobs maintains an extensive before-and-after photo gallery for this reason, sharing images of real patients who enjoyed both surgical and non-surgical treatments at his practice.

Given that no two faces are the same, however, the photos show what a particular injectable cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure can do in general. The specific results depicted cannot be duplicated on a different patient, though they certainly allow viewers to get an idea of the possibilities.

Computer imaging goes a step further by providing the personalized projection many patients desire. By using modern photo manipulation technology and applying his mix of anatomical knowledge and artistic sensibilities, Dr. Jacobs can reveal to you what you would look like if your nose were a bit thinner or your jawline were more defined. He can make these changes to the image in real time, explaining how the procedure will progress and helping each patient to understand the "why" behind it.

Computer imaging does not produce a visual guarantee, but is an excellent predictor of what the type of plastic surgery being considered can do. The process can give patients a greater sense of security and satisfaction, as well as reduce the chances of being surprised by the surgical outcome. In fact, Dr. Jacobs has found that after receiving their plastic surgery, 90 percent of his patients believe that they look as good as or better than the computer-generated image of themselves they saw before the procedure. Considering that he sees more than 1,000 patients a year, many of whom choose one or a combination of plastic surgery procedures, the numbers indicate the value of continuing to use computer imaging.

Patients can get the clearest picture of what Dr. Jacobs is capable of accomplishing by considering their own computer imaging results while also examining the before-and-after photos of his patients. Together, these visual aids can work to create a comprehensive picture of the possibilities.

Learn more about plastic surgery imaging

Call Dr. Stanley Jacobs' office to find out how you can use computer imaging to help with your decision on cosmetic treatments or plastic surgery. Reach his Healdsburg office at (707) 473-0220 or his San Francisco office at (415) 433-0303.

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