The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery

The Elements of Healthy Skin

Firm, elastic skin is a key factor in looking young, from maintaining an unlined, youthful face to keeping body features—such as the breasts—from sagging. Many unwanted cosmetic changes addressed by procedures, such as facelift surgery at the San Francisco-based Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery, are due to skin beginning to show the effects of aging.

There are three key elements of healthy skin: collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. When this trio of molecules is abundant and in balance, skin is resilient and hydrated.

Collagen is a protein found throughout the body where both strength and flexibility are needed. In the skin, it provides volume and structure, as well as a frame for holding hyaluronic acid.

“HA” molecules, which are carbohydrates, bind to water, making them essential for hydration. Hyaluronic fills the eyes, keeps joints flexing properly, and prevents the skin from drying out.

Elastin, another protein, is what gives skin its ability to be pulled or pinched out of shape, but not stay that way.

Each of these molecules has a finite lifespan in the skin, which means they break down after a certain amount of time. A young, healthy body excels at replacing them, keeping pace with the breakdown to ensure the skin does not suffer a lack of any of these vital elements.

Older bodies, however, experience a slowdown, which means levels of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin start to drop. Loss of collagen creates folds and hollows, dwindling HA prompts the formation of wrinkles, and plummeting elastin levels mean skin loses its ability to effectively fight the effects of gravity and repetitive muscle action. This can contribute to everything from furrows on the forehead to drooping breasts.

At The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery, the team encourages everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to take good care of their skin by drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, avoiding smoking and other tobacco products, exercising regularly, and always applying sunscreen when going outdoors. These strategies can go a long way toward keeping skin healthy for years, but when signs of aging and sun damage inevitably appear, there are surgical procedures and nonsurgical treatments that can help.

In December, Dr. Stanley Jacobs and Dr. Eric Culbertson published a paper on skin elasticity. Learn more about it by clicking here. The products used in the published study were the Stanley Jacobs MD Visco-elastic Transforming Serum with Mandelic Acid and Visco-elastic Moisturizing Crème with Mandelic Acid.

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