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Don’t Like Your Appearance in Zoom and Skype Meetings? Cosmetic Treatments Can Boost Your Confidence

Close-up video conference calls have become an increasingly trendy tool for business meetings, social events like dinner parties, and even job interviews during the pandemic, but many people feel uneasy in front of the camera and worry about how they look to others on screen. This is partially because we’re looking at ourselves more often. […]

How Do I Choose the Right Nose Job for Me?

Planning your rhinoplasty is one of the most important steps in the nose surgery procedure, but it can seem a little overwhelming at first, particularly when it comes to choosing the shape you want. There are roughly 14 different types of noses in the world—according to some classification systems, at least—so there’s a lot of […]

What Should You Do During Recovery from a Neck Lift?

The jawline and neck area are usually where some of the most prominent telltale signs of aging are first noticeable. Younger faces are more heart-shaped, with fuller cheeks and higher cheekbones that slope down to a sharp jaw. Over time, however, we lose some of the definition in these youthful facial contours. Even if you […]

3 Ways to Be Mentally Prepared for Your Facelift

Before and after having any type of major surgery that changes one’s appearance for good—even elective plastic surgery—it’s typical for patients to go through some emotional ups and downs. You may experience a rollercoaster of emotions, including feelings of uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, and even regret. On other days, you might feel excitement, joy, and even […]

Why the “Zoom Boom” Is the Ideal Opportunity for Plastic Surgery

Frustrated with the way your face looks on video? If you’ve noticed that facial wrinkles or other imperfections and signs of aging that never seemed to stand out before now seem more pronounced during online work meetings, you’re not alone. As working from home has become the norm, cosmetic practices throughout the Western world are […]