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Discover the Most Popular Body and Facial Cosmetic Surgeries of 2018

There are many ways to look back and measure a year: political events, seasonal shifts, popular movies, or personal milestones. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons does it by publishing an annual report on cosmetic surgery trends, examining the most popular treatments at practices around the United States by determining the number of times they were performed. According to the recently published numbers for 2018, the most popular body surgery was breast augmentation, and the most popular facial surgery was nose surgery, better known as rhinoplasty. The San Francisco Bay Area’s Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers both, with Dr. Eric Culbertson handling the body procedures and Dr. Stanley Jacobs focusing on the face.

Plastic surgeons who contributed data reported 313,735 breast augmentation procedures performed in 2018. This represents 4 percent more surgeries than 2017, when implants also took the top spot.

Liposuction—another body surgery—came in second with 258,558 procedures reported. The increase for this procedure—five percent—was especially significant.

Rhinoplasty was third place overall with 213,780 procedures, proving to be a more popular facial surgery option than eyelid surgery, just behind it in fourth at 206,529. Both of these surgeries were slightly lower than their 2018 totals: Rhinoplasty dipped two percent, while eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, dipped one percent.

Finally tummy tucks (or abdominoplasties) sat at No. 5, with 130,081 procedures reported. These numbers were virtually unchanged from 2017’s totals.

Watch for news about the nonsurgical side of the report in the coming days on this blog.

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