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Welcome to our blog, which we affectionately call Facetime.  Here, the doctors and staff of the practice share with you information that will help you better understand surgical and non-surgical procedures, skin care products and more.  We’ll post new entries here as often as we can.  If you have an idea for a topic you would like to see covered here, please contact us.

Focus on the Face: Recent Stats Reveal Growing Attention on Facial Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to facial cosmetic surgery, Bay Area plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs can confirm what the results of the most recent ASPS survey show: Interest is increasing. Each year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons publishes the aggregated statistics from a combined member survey and database mining. The 2016 numbers, released earlier this […]


Beauty and Plastic Surgery: Is There a ‘Golden Mask’ of Facial Proportions?

As a plastic surgeon serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Stanley Jacobs recalled once meeting a PhD—though not a surgeon—whose job was “anthropometrics.” That’s the study of the measurements and proportions of the human body. Many who focus on anthropometrics seek the answer to the question of whether there are numbers that explain the […]


Beauty and Plastic Surgery: An Introduction

Beauty comes in many forms. While Dr. Stanley Jacobs has day-to-day experience with procedures and treatments that range from blepharoplasty to BOTOX®, the San Francisco Bay Area-based facial cosmetic surgeon has a passion rooted in art and aesthetics dating as far back as Botticelli and beyond to ancient Egypt. The modern surgical techniques and injectable […]


Introducing Young Students to Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, and More Options in the Medical Field

Dr. Stanley Jacobs is no stranger to educating adults about the cosmetic and medical care he offers, from presenting talks in the community to appearing on KRON4 TV to explain treatments and procedures to viewers in and around San Francisco. Plastic surgery and related work are endlessly fascinating subjects—especially in how they relate beauty and […]


The Benefits of Hair Restoration Specialists

While facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs handles consultations with patients who come to his practice seeking help for their receding hairlines and growing bald patches, he doesn’t handle the procedure itself. Men—and yes, women—who want hair restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area may wonder why Dr. Jacobs seems to be taking a step […]