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Meet The Jacobs Center's Bay Area Hair Transplant Team

Specialized Technicians Make the Difference

Dr. Stanley Jacobs is uncompromising in his commitment to excellence, whether he is performing a complex facelift or administering a BOTOX® injection. For his Bay Area hair transplant patients, this means welcoming two specialists from Southern California to lend their considerable experience and talent to the process.

Dr. Jacobs has a simple explanation for why he flies in two technicians to handle the hair transplant procedures as needed at his practice: "They're very good at what they do." He has been working with them for five years, and patients enjoy the results of their hair restoration techniques. Dr. Jacobs explained that while many technicians may be technically good at what they do, a natural-looking head of hair also requires an eye for aesthetics—something his team has demonstrated time and again.

Learn more about hair transplant in the Bay Area by calling Dr. Stanley Jacobs at his San Francisco office 415.433.0303 or Healdsburg office 707.473.0220. You can also inquire online.

Two Hair Transplant Specialists

The lead technician handling hair transplant procedures for Dr. Jacobs is Jeanna, who has been performing restorations for more than 20 years. The assistant technician, Valerie, has been handling hair transplants for more than a decade.

Dr. Jacobs said that the grafts Jeanna has implanted numbers in the hundreds of thousands—if not actually a million at this point. Each one has been placed by hand with care.

Jeanna and Valerie will typically fly into the Bay Area for a Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday procedure. Dr. Jacobs can discuss the timing and other details during the consultation.

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Why Use Out-of-Area Technicians for Hair Transplant?

Dr. Jacobs describes himself as the quarterback in the hair transplant process, which is a very meticulous procedure that involves first removing grafts one at a time, then placing them—again, one at a time—into the scalp, ensuring that they are properly positioned, angled, and oriented.

Since Dr. Jacobs has performed hair transplants and is very familiar with the process, he leads the consultation and discusses a patient's goals for their hair. On the day of the hair transplant session, he introduces the patient to Jeanna and Valerie, and everyone talks about details, including necessary density and the estimated number of grafts required to achieve the desired results. Dr. Jacobs will draw out the proposed restored hairline on the patient's scalp, then leave the technicians to begin the tedious process of implanting hairs a graft at a time.

Jeanna and Valerie use Neograft® for the procedure. The automated device removes healthy grafts from around the scalp, which avoids any obvious scarring and allows for the careful transplantation of the grafts into areas where they are needed. Neograft® represents the most sophisticated and advanced technique available today for hair restoration.

Though the technicians handle the bulk of the work, Dr. Jacobs makes repeated visits throughout the process to ensure everything is progressing as it should. He also handles the patient discharge process, as well as all follow-up care.

Moving Forward with a Hair Transplant in the Bay Area

Call Dr. Stanley Jacobs about a hair transplant in the Bay Area today. Reach his San Francisco office at 415.433.0303 or his Healdsburg office at 707.473.0220 for a consultation. You can also inquire online.

* Patient Results May Vary

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