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Advantages of Peels Over Lasers in the Bay Area

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Never one to offer a treatment to his patients simply because it's available, facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs has long maintained that chemical peels hold a definite advantage over lasers when it comes to rejuvenating the skin. Since the Bay Area doctor has used both treatments throughout his years of work in the field of aesthetics, he has drawn on real-world experience and application to come to his conclusion so he can continue to give his patients the best, most natural-looking results possible.

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A History of Comparison

Dr. Jacobs explains that when lasers for skin rejuvenation first began to be used in the 1990s, he had already been using TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peels for the same effect for many years. Still, he bought a CO2 laser, which is still considered to be the workhorse of the skin rejuvenation industry, and began performing treatments in addition to the standard peels.

As he saw the lasers in action, especially when viewed alongside results from the peels, he discovered that lasers required longer healing time afterward and carried a higher risk of depigmentation and scarring.

Beyond that, he felt that lasers created less-natural-looking results due to the fact that they are essentially melting elements in the skin in order to smooth away wrinkles. The treatment, he found, can create a waxy or plastic appearance—something many patients seek to avoid so they do not have an obvious look of just having had work done on their face.

At the same time as he was making these observations, Dr. Jacobs was also developing his signature SynergyLift, which combines the tightening effects of a surgical facelift with the rejuvenating benefits of a peel. Because of the immense sensitivity required when combining these techniques, he uses relatively low-strength peels of about 25 percent to achieve beautiful results. A laser has a much greater impact on the skin, so Dr. Jacobs determined it was not safe to combine with a facelift in the way he was merging the techniques.

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In addition, lasers were not considered appropriate for use on the neck, where skin is less resilient than on the face. This could create a line of demarcation—a discrepancy between a laser-treated face and the non-laser-treated neck, highlighting the fact that work was done.

Today, fractionated lasers can provide a milder treatment, but Dr. Jacobs believes that they do not truly provide the noticeable but natural-looking results patients are expecting.

The Superiority of Peels

Dr. Jacobs often describes administering peels as painting a portrait—different from painting a wall with a roller. A portrait requires patience and an eye for detail, with applications heavier in certain areas and lighter in others. He varies the concentrations of peels as necessary for each patient, who can expect to be pretty well healed in less than 10 days. Those results come sooner and with less down time required than with a laser.

Discover the Advantage of Peels in the Bay Area

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