The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery

Face lift and Chemical peel- Case 11

Surgeon : Stanley Jacobs


A 64 year old woman who works in the beauty business in NYC came to Dr. Stanley Jacobs because she wanted to do something special for herself while visiting the Bay Area. She had helped so many other people for so long, and now she felt it was her time. She had Dr. Jacobs perform a Forehead Lift and a Serial Vector Lift (with liposuction), and she had a TCA chemical peel.

These are the results with makeup after only 2 weeks. You can see thatthe patient's expression is more “open”. Before, her brows were lower which can give a closed or "less friendly" look. Since the surgery, her jowls and neck are tighter; and her skin is refreshed.

*Individual patient results may vary
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