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Facial Fat Grafting

Add Volume to Your Face with Tissue from Your Own Body in the San Francisco Area

Perhaps one of the most exciting plastic surgery advances of the last 10 years has been refinement of the use of fat to restore volume, augment, or reshape using your own natural tissue. This is called facial fat grafting. San Francisco area residents can find themselves the beneficiaries of these advances.

Autologous (i.e. your own) fat has many unique and attractive properties that makes it an ideal tool for achieving remarkable, long-lasting results. Because it comes from your body, fat does not react like foreign bodies, such as implants. In addition, it feels and moves in a soft and natural way. Perhaps most importantly, fat is living tissue, so correctly grafted fat can give long-lasting results with only one treatment.

Facial fat grafting is performed using specialized fat harvesting instruments in a process similar to liposuction. The fat removed can be used to correct areas of volume loss that occur in the face. In short, facial fat grafting removes fat from unwanted areas and puts it to work for you, giving shape to the parts of the face that are lacking. Dr. Stanley Jacobs will assess you to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure.

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