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Mommy Makeover

A Range of Pre-Baby-Body Focused Procedures in the Bay Area

There is no one "Mommy Makeover," so Bay Area patients looking for more information about the procedure to reverse the changes experienced following childbirth should know that it's a combination of surgeries and treatments customized to each patient.

A surgeon will draw on an extensive knowledge of and experience with breast and body procedures to assess what a woman needs to get back the pre-baby body she wants. Together with her surgeon, each unique Mommy Makeover patient will develop a custom- tailored plan, paying attention to whatever parts of her body need work.

Our professionals at The Jacobs Center can help to create a customized Mommy Makeover for Bay Area women looking to make a change to their breasts and body. Call the San Francisco office (415.433.0303) or Healdsburg office (707.473.0220).

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

The exact formula for each patient's Mommy Makeover is carefully determined to target individual problem areas—maximizing the results while minimizing the total recovery period. Combining procedures also allows for significant cost savings. Our patient's safety is our number one priority, therefore what can and should be combined to get the best result will differ from patient to patient.

Typically, two but sometimes as many as three procedures can be safely combined to deliver head-turning results with only one exposure to anesthesia, one healing period, and a reduced total cost. The surgeon will discuss in detail what is possible during your Mommy Makeover consultation and will explain what to expect during the surgery, recovery time, and the expected results.

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The process may include a breast procedure (lift and/or augmentation), tummy tuck (standard or mini), and mild-to-moderate liposuction/liposculpting. A Mommy Makeover may even include thigh or arm lifts, body lifts, or even facial procedures. Remember, the overall goal is to achieve results through procedures that focus on your unique body, medical history, and circumstances.

Dr. Eric Culbertson
Dr. Eric Culbertson Associations

Fellowship-trained plastic surgeon for breast & body-focused procedures, Dr. Culbertson personally strives to achieve natural yet undeniable results that bolster one's self esteem and reinforce, rather than change, one's identity.

Moving Forward

If you want to learn more about a Mommy Makeover, contact The Jacobs Center today for a consultation. Call us at our San Francisco office at 415.433.0303 or Healdsburg office at 707.473.0220.

* Patient Results May Vary

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